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What's new in Svelte: October 2022

Svelte Summit, `use:enhance`, and a SvelteKit Release Candidate!

There's a bunch of updates this month... from new features in Svelte and SvelteKit to a whole 2-day summit! Plus, the Svelte extension gets some helpful new tools, new accessibility (a11y) warnings, and Tan Li Hau teaches us how to build our own Svelte and a Svelte spreadsheet 😎

What happened at Svelte Summit?

A lot! Below you can find all the talks, by timestamp, from each livestream. Bite-size videos of the event will be coming soon to the Svelte Society channel, so be sure to Subscribe, if you haven't already!

Day One

  • 12:31 - How to get Svelte adopted at work
  • 33:21 - Animating Data Visualization in Svelte
  • 2:20:36 - Red flags & code smells
  • 2:53:42 - Enhance your DX
  • 4:42:41 - Svelte in UBS’ knowledge graph
  • 5:06:42 - How to migrate react libraries to svelte
  • 5:45:27 - DX magic in the world of Svelte
  • 7:25:39 - Data visualizations powered by Svelte
  • 7:59:38 - Partial Hydration in Svelte for Increased Performance
  • 8:20:49 - Building the future, faster

Day Two

  • 24:09 - Scrollytell me why: Ain't nothing but a piece of cake
  • 2:02:40 - I told you my dog wouldn’t run
  • 2:29:43 - 10Xing Svelte
  • 3:04:56 - Svemix? Re-svmix? Re-svelte?: Bringing Svelte to Remix Router
  • 5:09:39 - Having fun with stores: an interactive demo of Svelte’s built in state management library
  • 5:37:06 - When Keeping it Svelte Goes Wrong. An Analysis of Some of the Worst Svelte I Have Ever Coded
  • 7:22:05 - Getting started with Hooks
  • 7:38:14 - Special Announcement*

*In the final talk of the summit, Rich Harris announces the first Release Candidate of SvelteKit! With no planned breaking changes left, the team is hard at work squashing bugs and adding the remaining features for 1.0...

More SvelteKit Updates

  • use:enhance is the easiest way to progressively enhance a form (Docs, #6633, #6828, #7012)
  • The demo app has been updated to add the Sverdle game, which Rich demoed at Svelte Summit and demonstrates use:enhance (#6979)
  • Cloudflare Pages _routes.json specification is now supported by adapter-cloudflare (#6530)
  • Improved build performance by running asset and page compression in parallel (#6710)

Breaking changes:

  • Node 16.14 is now the minimum version to run SvelteKit (#6388)
  • App.PrivateEnv and App.PublicEnv have been removed in favour of generated types (#6413)
  • %sveltekit.message% has been replaced with %sveltekit.error.message% (6659)
  • App.PageError is now App.Error - check for it in your hooks (Docs, #6963)
  • externalFetch is now handleFetch and will run for all fetch calls in load that run on the server (#6565)

For a full list of changes, check out SvelteKit's CHANGELOG.

Svelte Updates

  • New a11y warnings for incorrect-aria-attribute-type, no-abstract-role, interactive-element-to-noninteractive-role and and click-events-have-key-events coming soon! (3.50.0)
  • New types for ComponentEvents and SveltePreprocessor (3.50.0)
  • Improved parsing speed when encountering large blocks of whitespace (3.50.0)
  • All global JavaScript objects and functions are now recognized as known globals (3.50.1)

For all the changes to the Svelte compiler, including upcoming changes, check out the CHANGELOG.

New in Language Tools

  • Better code formatting for editor suggestion (106.0.0, #1598)
  • Easily create SvelteKit route files from the context menu or command palette (106.1.0, #1620)

Ask Questions in the Svelte Discord

In case you missed the announcement, the Svelte Discord has an exciting new update... a forum! The new questions channel utilizes Discord's new forums feature to help the community better ask, find and answer questions!

It can be used for anything you may be trying to accomplish using Svelte including using SvelteKit, community libraries, tools, etc. So ask away!

Community Showcase

Apps & Sites built with Svelte

  • Timeflow is a smart calendar & task manager that dynamically schedules your tasks between your events
  • GeoQuest is an open source geography game
  • Houses Of is a project showcasing charismatic houses around the world
  • Greenfield Brewery is a tool for quickly installing a lot of homebrew casks
  • Gram Jam is a word puzzle game inspired by match three games and Scrabble
  • Beatbump is a privacy-respecting alternative frontend for YouTube Music
  • RoomOS Device Widgets is an app for demoing RoomOS device capabilities in Kiosk/PWA mode
  • World Seed is a full blown online multiplayer game
  • Lirify is a song lyrics writing web app tool made in Latvia
  • Splet Tech Konferencija is a tech conference in Serbia with a very fancy website
  • Unbounded is an open-source variable font - funded by blockchain (and an awesome-looking website)
  • Porter's Paints is an eCommerce site for (you guessed it) paints built with Svelte
  • CRAN/E is a search engine for modern R-packages

Learning Resources

Starring the Svelte team

To Watch

To Read

Libraries, Tools & Components

  • Svelte Fit is an extremely simple, no dependency fit text library
  • svelte-switch-case is a switch case syntax for your Svelte components
  • svelte-canvas-confetti uses a single canvas to render full-screen confetti
  • @slidy/svelte is a simple, configurable & reusable carousel component built with Svelte - based on @slidy/core
  • svelte-currency-input is a form input that converts numbers to localized currency formats as you type
  • Adria is a super simple form validation library, with autocomplete and value/type checking
  • Canopy is a Svelte debugging app for the Chrome devtools panel
  • MenuFramework is a menu framework written for alt:V
  • whyframe gives iframes superpowers, making it easy to render anything in isolation
  • @svelte-put/modal is a solution to async, declarative, type-safe modals in Svelte
  • Kitty is a collection of libraries and handlers for developing secure frontend apps
  • svelte-turnstile is a component for Cloudflare Turnstile, the privacy focused CAPTCHA replacement

UI Kits and Starters

  • QWER is a blog starter built with SvelteKit
  • SvelteKit Zero API provides type-safety between the frontend and backend - creating a structure for easy APIs
  • sveltekit-monorepo is monorepo starter with 2022 tech
  • svelte-component-test-recipes uses vitest, @testing-library/svelte, and svelte-htm to test Svelte components that seemed to be hard to test

Whew! That's a lot of updates. Let us know if we missed anything on Reddit or Discord!

See ya next month 👋