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What's new in Svelte: May 2024

Svelte 5 Release Candidate and all the other highlights from Svelte Summit Spring

Svelte Summit was last week - featuring a number of fantastic talks from across the community. In the final talk, What You Can Do For Your Framework, Rich Harris (with a little help from PuruVJ's neoconfetti library) announced that Svelte 5 is now in the "Release Candidate".

Lots of pre-release changes to cover in this post and a host of community showcase items... so let's dive in!

Highlights from Svelte Summit Spring 2024

Below, you'll find links to all the talks in the livestream version of Svelte Summit.

These will all get broken up into more sharable (and rewatchable) videos over time, so make sure you subscribe to the Svelte Society YouTube channel to keep up to date.

What's new in Svelte

Svelte 5 is officially in the Release Candidate stage and gets closer to release every day. Below, you'll find some highlights from its pre-release changelog:

  • Hot module reloading is now supported in Svelte 5 (5.0.0-next.97 and 101, #11106, #11132)
  • It is now possible to define global (or child global) styles in a block (5.0.0-next.111, #11276)
  • Compiled code is even more efficient for if blocks, each blocks and attribute updates (5.0.0-next.83-85, #10906, #10937 and #10917)
  • The built-ins from svelte/reactivity are now re-exported to be available on the server (5.0.0-next.88, Docs, #10973)
  • A new reactive URL object is now available in svelte/reactivity (5.0.0-next.103, Docs, #11157)
  • HTML tags are now faster with more efficient hydration markers (5.0.0-next.90-91, #10986 and #11019)
  • The new $host rune retrieves the this reference of the custom element that contains a component - removing the need for createEventDispatcher (5.0.0-next.96, Docs, #11059)

Community Showcase

Apps & Sites built with Svelte

  • Collabwriting just raised $1.2M and launched a new product - Collabwriting for Teams. Congrats!
  • Skypix is a music library that allows users to create playlists, add songs to their library, and share their music with friends
  • Jonze is an open-source but managed tool for managing member information. It features attendance tracking and membership plans
  • midi-note-trainer is a music notation trainer app built with Web MIDI
  • Easy-Rd is a free tool for coding-based ER diagram creation
  • Gamera is a simple site analytics tool for a privacy-first world
  • Collecta lets you collect your internet in a single space - organize images, bookmarks, inspiration, and share your vibe with friends
  • ColdCraft writes for you by turning bullet points and LinkedIn profiles into effective cold emails
  • Fourplay is a multiplayer word game written with Rust and Svelte
  • how-long-is-a-click is a site that measures how long exactly a click is on the web

Learning Resources

Featuring Svelte Contributors and Ambassadors

To Read

To Watch

Libraries, Tools & Components

  • sk-seo is a dead simple, no dependencies, svelte component that automates a lot of the annoying SEO parts for you
  • Svelte Lib Helpers is a utility package designed to streamline various tasks when developing Svelte libraries
  • skitsa is a simple yet fully fledged operational demonstration of SvelteKit Magic Links using SST, hosted on AWS, as a Lambda application
  • svelte-zoomable-circles is a Svelte component for displaying and browsing hierarchical data using zoomable circles

That's it for this month! Feel free to let us know if we missed anything on Reddit or Discord.

Until next month 👋