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What's new in Svelte: May 2022

Dynamically switch between HTML element types with `<svelte:element>`

With yesterday's Svelte Summit behind us, we've got a lot of news to share! Check out all of the recordings on the Svelte Society YouTube Channel and the rest of this month's updates below...

What's new in Svelte

  • The <svelte:element> element lets you render an element of a dynamically specified type. This is useful, for example, when rendering rich text content from a CMS. Check out the docs or the tutorial for more info (3.47.0)!

Language Tools updates

  • svelte:element and sveltekit:reload are now supported
  • Invalid Svelte import paths will now be automatically detected - see PR for getting back the old behavior (#1448)
  • source.sortImports lets you sort imports without deleting unused imports (#1338)
  • Hovering over HTML attributes will now show HTML hover info instead of the TS hover info - resulting in much more useful information (#1447)
  • In VS Code, you can now wrap existing blocks of code in control flow tags using the Insert Snippet command (#1373)

What's new in SvelteKit

  • Files and directories can now be named __tests__ and __test__ in the routes directory (#4438)
  • Netlify Edge Functions (#4657) and the Vercel build output API (#4663) are now supported
  • Custom load dependencies, array of strings representing URLs the page depends on, are now available when loading routes (Docs, #4536)

Breaking Changes

  • Validators are now called "matchers" (Docs, #4358)
  • __layout.reset has been replaced by named layouts - which have much configurability for shared layout elements (Docs, #4388)
  • Prerendering is now skipped for rel="external" links (#4545)
  • maxage is now cache in LoadOutput (#4690)

Community Showcase

Apps & Sites built with Svelte

  • polySpectra AR lets you prototype faster 3D Printing with seamless AR file handoffs (video demo)
  • Pixel Art Together is a free multiplayer pixel art editor powered by Liveblocks
  • Tooling Manager lets you compare your JavaScript tech stack against industry standard boilerplates
  • Easy Portfolio generates a portfolio based on your GitHub profile
  • FLOAT is an attendance tracking program for events
  • The Coin Perspective is a cryptocurrency price tracker and portfolio management tool
  • Locutionis is a small, online reference of figures of speech (en français)
  • ASM Editor is an all in one web editor for M68K and MIPS
  • Otium is a free and open source book manager and bookshelf organiser, that helps you managing your books and the ones you would like to read
  • Sinwaver is an SVG sine wave generator

Want to contribute to a modern SvelteKit website? Help build the Svelte Society site!

Learning Resources

To Read

To Watch or Hear

Libraries, Tools & Components

  • KitDocs is a documentation integration for SvelteKit - like VitePress for Svelte.
  • Svelte Copy is a click/tap-to-copy library that makes it easy to copy to the clipboard
  • Svend3r provides beautiful visualizations that harness the power of D3 to bring your data to life while abstracting away its imperative-style code
  • Svelte Hamburgers is the easy to use Hamburger menu component for Svelte
  • Svelte Droplet is a file dropzone for Svelte
  • Svelte MP3 is a light blazingly fast yet simple minimalistic audio player for Svelte
  • SvelteUI is a component library for building fully functional & accessible web applications faster than ever
  • svelte-spotlight is a headless spotlight component to help you build your site's global search box in minutes
  • svelte-pdf-simple is a simple svelte library for displaying PDFs and giving you all the control
  • persistent-svelte-store is a generic persistent writable store, built from scratch in TypeScript according to the Svelte store contract
  • svelte-exmarkdown is Svelte component to render markdown dynamically
  • Bookit is a storybook-like component rendering environment - finely tuned to work directly within your SvelteKit projects

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If you'd prefer to join us in person, Svelte Summit is finally transitioning properly into the real world. Come join us for two days of awesome Svelte content! Get your tickets now!

See y'all next month!