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What's new in Svelte: March 2022

Svelte Summit Spring is coming... and page endpoints are here!

Just announced: Svelte Summit Spring will be taking place on April 30, 2022. The 5th Virtual Svelte Conference is looking for speakers and sponsors... so it's time to dust off those proposals!

Also, some long-requested features were added to SvelteKit this month... including page endpoints! This change in how the load function works makes it easier to fetch data required for basic pages, redirect from POST responses and handle 404s and other errors.

More on that and other new features and fixes below!

What's new in SvelteKit

  • The docs are now searchable and multipage with type definitions and hoverable code examples - Check them out at
  • Page endpoints significantly decrease the boilerplate needed when loading a page (Issue, PR, Docs)
  • Application versioning and update detection support lets you determine what to do when a route fails to load after an app update (Issue, PR, Docs)
  • A new option in npm init svelte@next will now set up Playwright automatically for testing (PR)

Breaking Changes

  • The target option is no longer available. Instead, the init script hydrates its parentNode (#3674)
  • App-level types now live in the App namespace which allows you to type global types like Stuff or Session (#3670)
  • JSONString is now JSONValue (#3683)
  • createIndexFiles has been removed — it is now controlled by the trailingSlash option (#3801)
  • SvelteKit will no longer exclude root-relative external links from prerendering, which will cause 404s if these URLs are intended to be served by a separate app. Use a custom prerender.onError handler if you need to ignore them (#3826)

New in Language Tools

  • Accessing properties in markups has been improved in the Svelte language tools (105.12.0) - working around some known issues with autocomplete (#538 / #1302)

Community Showcase

Apps & Sites

  • SvelteStorm is specifically tailored to provide all of the essential tools a Svelte developer needs to build a Svelte application
  • Supachat is a real-time chat app using Svelte and Supabase
  • Radicle is a peer-to-peer stack for building software together
  • The Making Known is a narrated encounter with posters designed by the Nazi German government to communicate with the occupied nations of Belgium, France, and Luxembourg during the Second World War
  • Svelte Kanban is a simple Svelte Kanban made in pure CSS
  • fngrng is a typing trainer focussed on accuracy over speed
  • Generative grids is a neat little generative SVG grid in a Svelte REPL, with randomly generated color palettes and shapes
  • LifeHash is a method of hash visualization that creates beautiful, deterministic icons
  • is a webhook testing tool for checking payloads, with automatic type generation
  • Speedskating is an animation widget to show olympic speedskating runs. Built with Svelte, D3 and regl
  • Web tail is a web application to view lines from file on local system or on remote server

Want to work on a SvelteKit site with others? Contribute to the Svelte Society site!

Learning Resources

To Read

To Watch

Libraries, Tools & Components

  • gosvelte is a proof of concept to serve Svelte-generated pages on GoLang HTTP server with server data being sent as props to svelte components
  • svelte-ethers-store uses the ethers.js library as a collection of readable Svelte stores for Svelte, Sapper or SvelteKit
  • Fluid Grid is a CSS grid system for future web
  • stirstack is an opinionated framework that combines Svelte.js, TailwindCSS, InertiaJS and Ruby on Rails
  • OATHqr helps users create security credentials for use with 2FA/MFA and other OATH-enabled apps. Use it to generate scannable QR codes for one-time password authenticator apps such as Aegis or YubiKey
  • svelte-GridTiles is a drag and drop resizable tiles library built on a responsive grid
  • Miscellaneous Svelte Components is a collection of miscellaneous svelte components alex-knyaz often use in my projects
  • walk-and-graph-svelte-components is a CLI node script to walk svelte and js files, to draw a beautiful JPG of your dependencies aka "imports"
  • Felte is a simple to use form library for Svelte
  • svelte-use-tooltip is a Svelte action to display a tooltip
  • persistent-svelte-store is a generic persistent writable store, built from scratch in TypeScript according to the Svelte store contract

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See y'all next month!