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What's new in Svelte: June 2022

Cancellable dispatched events, deeper {@const} declarations and more!

With last month's Svelte Summit behind us, we're ready to apply everything we learned in this new month of June! Also new this month are some quality-of-life changes to createEventDispatcher, @const declarations and tons of progress toward SvelteKit 1.0.

Let's dive in!

What's new in Svelte

  • Custom events can now be cancelled in the createEventDispatcher function (3.48.0, Docs, PR)
  • The {@const} tag can now be used in {#if} blocks to conditionally define variables (3.48.0, Docs, PR)
  • Lots of bug fixes across <svelte:element>, animations and various DOM elements. Check out the CHANGELOG for a deeper dive!

What's new in SvelteKit

  • Vite 2.9.9 was released as one of the last Vite 2 releases. The Svelte team has been hard at work contributing to the Vite 3 release to make the integration between SvelteKit and Vite smoother than ever (Vite 3.0 Milestone)
  • config.kit.alias lets you more easily declare a custom alias to replace values in import statements (Docs, PR)
  • Pages marked for prerendering will now fail during SSR at runtime (PR)

Breaking Changes

  • Node 14 is no longer supported (PR)
  • Requests to /favicon.ico will no longer be suppressed and will instead be handled as a valid route (PR)
  • AMP support has been moved to a separate @sveltejs/amp package (Docs, PR)
  • Generated types are now written to _types directories - update your imports accordingly (PR)
  • %svelte.head% and %svelte.body% are now %sveltekit.head% and %sveltekit.body% in app.html (Docs, PR)
  • LoadInput is now LoadEvent
  • Dropped support for Wrangler 1 in favor of Wrangler 2 (PR)

Community Showcase

Apps & Sites built with Svelte

  • Plantarium is a tool for the procedural generation of 3D plants.
  • SPATULA is a tool for building shading materials that are exportable as code material in any project that uses lamina and threejs
  • Waaard lets you create and send protected links with a variety of SSO providers
  • Magidoc is a fast and highly customizable GraphQL documentation generator
  • myMarkmap is a custom editor for Markmap, built with SvelteKit
  • PassShare is a way for you to share your passwords to your friends, securely and effortlessly
  • DashingOS is a tool (like Notion + CodeSandbox) to make it quick and easy to prototype and document your work all in one place
  • worker-kit-email helps you develop transactional emails quickly using regular SvelteKit routes
  • kaios-weather-svelte is a very familiar looking weather app for KaiOS
  • svelte-gantt is a lightweight and fast interactive gantt chart/resource booking component
  • Miru is a BitTorrent streaming software for cats

Looking for a great SvelteKit website to contribute to? Help build the Svelte Society site!

Learning Resources

To Read

To Watch

From Svelte Society:

Across the Web:

To Hear

Libraries, Tools & Components

  • vite-plugin-svelte-console-remover is a Vite plugin that removes all console statements (log, group, dir, error, etc) from Svelte, JS, and TS files during build so they don't leak into production
  • Svelte Headless Tables is an unopinionated and extensible data tables for Svelte
  • y-presence is a lightweight set of libraries to easily add presence (live cursors/avatars) to any web application (now with Svelte support!)
  • Svelcro is a component performance tracker for Svelte applications
  • Svelte-Splitpanes lets you create dynamic and predictable view panels to layout an application
  • svelte-miniplayer is a lightweight, fast, resizable and draggable miniplayer for media
  • svelte-keybinds is a minimalistic keybinding interface, with rebinding and saving
  • svelte-speech-recognition converts speech from the microphone to text and makes it available to your Svelte components

Special Feature: Svelte Stores There were lots of Svelte stores released this month from a number of authors...

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See y'all next month!