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What's new in Svelte: July 2022

Faster SSR, language tools improvements and a new paid contributor!

From faster SSR to support for Vitest and Storybook in SvelteKit, there's a lot to cover in this month's newsletter...

So let's dive in!

OpenCollective funding drives Svelte forward

Svelte supporters have donated approximately $80,000 to the project on OpenCollective. We're happy to share that the funds are being drawn on to move Svelte forward in a meaningful way. @gtm-nayan has begun triaging and fixing SvelteKit issues this past month as a paid contributor to the project to help us get SvelteKit to a 1.0 level of stability! @gtm-nayan has been an active member of the Svelte community for quite some time and is well known for writing the bot that helps keep our Discord server running. We're happy that this funding has allowed Svelte to get much more of his time.

We will also be utilizing OpenCollective funds to allow Svelte core maintainers to attend Svelte Summit in person this fall. Thanks to everyone who has donated so far!

What's new in Svelte & Language Tools

  • is a new way to learn Svelte and SvelteKit from the ground up that is currently in development
  • Faster SSR is coming in the next Svelte release. A PR two years in the making, resulting in up to 3x faster rendering in some benchmarking tests! (PR)
  • "Find File References" (0.14.28) and "Find Component References" (0.14.29) in the latest versions of the Svelte extension shows where Svelte files and components have been imported and used (Demo)
  • The Svelte extension now supports CSS path completion (0.14.29)

What's new in SvelteKit

  • Introduced @sveltejs/kit/experimental/vite which allows SvelteKit to interoperate with other tools in the Vite ecosystem like Vitest and Storybook (#5094). Please leave feedback as to whether the feature works and is helpful as we consider taking it out of experimental and making vite.config.js required for all users
  • Streaming in endpoints is now supported (#3419). This was enabled by switching to the Undici fetch implementation (#5117)
  • Static assets can now be symlinked in development environments (#5089)
  • server and prod environment variables are now available as a corollary to browser and dev (#5251)

Community Showcase

Apps & Sites built with Svelte

  • Virtual Maker lets you make interactive 3D and VR scenes in your browser
  • Apple Beta Music appears to have been written in some combination of Svelte and web components
  • Itatiaia, the largest radio station in the country of Brazil just relaunched its news portal in SvelteKit
  • Pronauns helps you learn pronunciation online with IPA to speak better and sound more native
  • Immich is an open source, high performance self-hosted backup solution for videos and photos on your mobile phone
  • Pendek is a link shortener built with SvelteKit, Prisma and PlanetScale
  • Grunfy is a set of guitar tools - recently migrated to SvelteKit
  • Radiant: The Future of Radio is a personal radio station app built with Svelte and Capacitor
  • Imperfect Reminders is a todo list for things that are only sort of time sensitive
  • Periodic Table is a dynamic Periodic Table component written in Svelte
  • Svelvet is a lightweight Svelte component library for building interactive node-based diagrams
  • publint lints for packaging errors to ensure compatibility across environments
  • Playlistr helps manage and create Spotify playlists
  • Geoff Rich's page transitions demo shows how SvelteKit's beforeNavigate/afterNavigate hooks can make smooth document transitions in the latest Chrome Canary
  • Menger Sponge is a fractal built with Threlte

Want to contribute to a site using the latest SvelteKit features? Help build the Svelte Society site!

Learning Resources

Starring the Svelte team

To Watch

To Read

Libraries, Tools & Components

  • Svend3r is a plug and play D3 charting library for Svelte
  • Svelte Hover Draw SVG is a lightweight Svelte component to draw SVG on hover
  • Svelte French Toast provides buttery smooth toast notifications that are lightweight, customizable, and beautiful by default
  • SVooltip is a basic Svelte tooltip directive, powered by Floating UI
  • Svelte Brick Gallery is a masonry-like image gallery component for Svelte
  • use-vest is a Svelte action for Vest - a library that makes it easy to validate forms and show errors when necessary
  • Svelidate is a simple and lightweight form validation library for Svelte with no dependencies
  • Svve11 is an "accessibility-first" component library for Svelte
  • Slidy is a simple, configurable & reusable carousel sliding action script with templates & some useful plugins
  • Svelte Component Snippets is a VS Code extension with access to common Svelte snippets
  • Svelte Confetti adds a little bit of flair to your app with some confetti 🎊

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Don't forget that you can also join us in-person at the Svelte Summit in Stockholm! Come join us for two days of awesome Svelte content! Get your tickets now.

See y'all next month!