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What's new in Svelte: January 2022

Faster builds with SvelteKit and a much anticipated REPL feature

Happy new year, Svelte Community! Lots to share this month across Svelte, SvelteKit, Language Tools and the Showcase. Thanks to everyone who made 2021 a great year to use Svelte. Looking forward to the next one 🚀

What's new in SvelteKit

  • @sveltejs/adapter-static for SvelteKit now has a precompress option to make brotli compression of assets and pages easier to do out of the box (#3079)
  • Concurrency mode in SvelteKit will now prerender pages in parallel (#3120). It is enabled by default in 1.0.0-next.205 and later
  • CSS is now automatically included before JS for improved page performance (d13efe)
  • A new config option adds the ability to disable service worker registration to do your own custom registration (#2988)
  • SSR route-splitting is here - breaking monolithic builds into smaller pieces for improved startup and routing performance (#2931)
  • request.origin/path/query is now request.url - simplifying the config and page load functions (#3126)
  • After the update to Vite 2.7, SvelteKit users are reporting significant performance improvements and loading third-parties libraries in SSR has also been greatly improved
  • SvelteKit server will now automatically restart when the config files is changed (vite-plugin-svelte#237)

Other new bits from svelte/*

  • Svelte 3.44.3 is out with a few bug fixes in the binding and loop code
  • Svelte Language Tools has introduced support for the then/catch shorthands from Svelte 3.41 and TypeScript's "go to" functionality (105.8.0 and later)
  • The Svelte REPL got a nice upgrade as well - letting you delete saved REPLs. Try it out by logging in at

Community Showcase

Apps & Sites

  • Discover Twitter Spaces is a tool that helps you find the Twitter Spaces
  • Modern Fluid Typography Editor helps create beautiful fluid typography using CSS clamp
  • Unnwhiteboard is a job board for companies (or teams) that don't do "whiteboard" interviews
  • Secret Santa is a gift giving coordination app developed with easiness in mind
  • LogSnag notifies you of your projects' events and provides you with a timeline to keep track of anything important that happens
  • Version 0.2 of Tangent, a Svelte-based note writing app, is now in beta
  • Intl Explorer is a tool for viewing output for all possible formatters for Intl

A lot of work this month has gone into migrating the Svelte main website and Svelte REPL to live in the repository - including a brand new homepage for Thanks to all the contributors who made this possible!

If you're looking for a fun SvelteKit project to work on, you can contribute to the Svelte Society site rewrite 💅

Learning and Listening

To Read

To Watch

To Listen To

Libraries, Tools & Components

  • svelte-headlessui is an unofficial, complete Svelte port of the Headless UI component library
  • svelte-forms v2 has been released - the author is looking for feedback
  • Percival is a declarative data query and visualization language
  • Svelte FlatList is a mobile-friendly, simple, and customizable draggable menu
  • svelte-keyed is a writable derived store for objects and arrays
  • Svemix is Remix for Svelte - providing server scripts inside your Svelte components/routes, which will be transformed into endpoints

Want to add something to the showcase? Need help bringing your next idea to life in Svelte? Join us on Reddit or Discord.

See ya next month!