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What's new in Svelte: February 2024

New in Kit: `reroute`, `emulate` and more!

Since SvelteKit 2.0 released late last year, there's been a bunch of new features to make the Kit dev experience even better! Meanwhile the Svelte team has been hard at work making Svelte 5 a reality.

In case you missed it, Rich also posted Tenets, "an attempt to articulate the Svelte philosophy — our bedrock principles, that guide our design decisions."

So let's dive in to check out what's new and see what the rest of the community has been up to...

What's new in SvelteKit

  • The client router is now tree shakeable (2.1.0, #11340)
  • $env/static/public is now exposed in service workers (2.2.0, Docs, #10994)
  • style-src-elem is now supported in environments with a Content Security Policy (2.2.1, Docs, #11562)
  • The new reroute hook allows you to change how URLs are translated into routes (2.3.0, Docs, #11537)
  • The read function is now available in the $app/server module - allowing you to read assets from the filesystem (2.4.0, Docs, #11649)
  • Adapters can now emulate the prod environment for dev and preview servers by implementing the corresponding functions. This is useful for providing access to e.g. KV namespaces in development (2.5.0, Docs, #11730)

What's new in Svelte

In case you missed it, Svelte 5 is in preview. In the meantime, Svelte 4 (@latest) has had one bugfix release. There's just one new feature to highlight from the Svelte 5 changelog:

  • Snippets can now take multiple arguments (5.0.0-next.42, Docs, #9988)

For all the bug fixes, chores and underlying work required to get Svelte 5 to release-ready, check out the CHANGELOG on main.

Community Showcase

Apps & Sites built with Svelte

  • Sprite Fusion is a free level design tool to craft beautiful 2D tilemaps right in your browser using any tileset
  • TypeMeUp a typing website that teaches you how to type faster
  • Pathfinding Algorithm Visualizer is an interactive pathfinding algorithm visualizer with player functionality
  • Roch Dog ranks businesses and hotels based on how dog-friendly they are
  • is a free, customizable, and real-time highlighting tool for your blog
  • Nola Devs is a vibrant and inclusive software developers group nestled in the heart of New Orleans. This site aggregates all their events across groups
  • Startup Funding Simulator is a tool to help founders understand how modern fundraising (with safes) works, and how much dilution you can expect when raising money.

Learning Resources

Featuring Svelte Contributors and Ambassadors

To Read

Libraries, Tools & Components

  • Lucia - an auth library written in TypeScript that abstracts away the complexity of handling sessions - has just released its 3.0 version
  • Paraglide JS Adapter SvelteKit is a SvelteKit integration for ParaglideJS - a tool for i18n routing

That's it for this month! Feel free to let us know if we missed anything on Reddit or Discord.

See ya next month!