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What's new in Svelte: February 2022

Rapid-fire releases across Svelte, SvelteKit and the community

Happy February, everyone! Over the last month or so, we've seen Svelte and SvelteKit develop at rapid speed, new community rules across the Reddit, GitHub and Discord, and quite a few amazing apps, tutorials and libraries.

Let's take a look...

Highlights from the Svelte changelog

What's new in SvelteKit

  • inlineStyleThreshold allows you to specify where inline stylesheets are inserted into the page (Docs, #2620)
  • beforeNavigate/afterNavigate lifecycle functions lets you add functionality before or after a page navigation (Docs, #3293)
  • Platform context can now be passed from adapters (Docs, #3429)
  • Hooks now have an ssr parameter in resolve to make it easier to skip SSR, when needed (Docs, #2804)
  • $page.stuff provides a mechanism for pages to pass data 'upward' to layouts (Docs, #3252)
  • Fallthrough routes let you specify where to route when an route can't be loaded (Docs, #3217)

New configs

  • Content Security Policy (CSP) is now supported for increased security when using inline javascript or stylesheets (Docs, #3499)
  • kit.routes config allows you to customise public/private modules during build (Docs, #3576)
  • prerender.createIndexFiles config lets you prerender index.html files as their subfolder's name (Docs, #2632)
  • HTTP methods can now be overridden using kit.methodOverride (Docs, #2989)

Config changes

  • config.kit.hydrate and config.kit.router are now nested under config.kit.browser (Docs, 3578)

Breaking change

  • use Request and Response objects in endpoints and hooks (#3384)

Community Showcase

Apps & Sites

  • timb(re) is a live music programming environment
  • Music for Programming is a series of mixes intended for listening while ${task} to focus the brain and inspire the mind
  • Team Tale allows two authors to write the same story in a tag-team sort of fashion
  • Puzzlez is an online place to play Sudoku and Wordle
  • Closed Caption Creator makes it easy to add subtitles to your video on Windows, Mac and Google Chrome
  • SC3Lab is a code generator for experimenting with svelte-cubed and three.js
  • Donkeytype is a minimalistic and lightweight typingtest inspired by Monkeytype.
  • Above is a visual routine timer built for the ADHD/autistic mind
  • is a modern research platform for serious investors
  • String turns your Phone into a secure portable audio recorder, making it easy to capture and share personal notes, family moments, classroom lectures, and more
  • The Raytracer Challenge REPL provides a live editor interface to configure a raytraced scene and render it live in any modern browser
  • awesome-svelte-kit is a list of awesome examples of SvelteKit in the wild
  • Map Projection Explorer lets you explore different map projections and explains their differences
  • Rubiks is a Rubik's Cube simulator
  • Pianisto is a working piano made with SVG, ToneJS and a lot of patience

Want to work on a SvelteKit site with others, try contributing to the Svelte Society site!

Learning and Listening

To Read

To Watch

To Listen To

Libraries, Tools & Components

  • threlte is a three.js component library for Svelte
  • svelte-formify is a library to manage and validate forms that uses decorators to define validations
  • gQuery is a GraphQL Fetcher & Cache for Svelte Kit
  • Unlock-protocol is an integration to help login with MetaMask, Firebase, and paywall customers
  • AgnosticUI is a set of UI primitives that start their lives in clean HTML and CSS
  • Vitebook is a fast and lightweight alternative to Storybook that's powered by Vite
  • SwyxKit is an opinionated blog starter for SvelteKit + Tailwind + Netlify. Refreshed for 2022!
  • svelte-themes is an abstraction for themes in your SvelteKit app
  • svelte-transition is a Svelte component to make using CSS class based transitions easier - ideally suited for use with TailwindCSS
  • Svelte Inview is a Svelte action that monitors an element enters or leaves the viewport/parent element
  • svelte-inline-compile is a babel transform that allows for a much more pleasant experience when testing svelte components using Jest and @testing-library/svelte
  • @feltcoop/svelte-mutable-store is a Svelte store for mutable values with an immutable compiler option
  • headless-svelte-ui is a group of headless components that can be used in building Svelte Apps.

Did we miss something? Need help bringing your next idea to life in Svelte? Join us on Reddit or Discord.

See ya next month!